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Frequently Asked Engraving Questions


Products that require custom work, designs and development time are subject to set-up fees dependent on the specific product you are purchasing. For returning customers and reorders, most set-up fees are greatly reduced, and some are completely waived. Please check online or call for specific details.

A proof is a digital depiction of the final product. When ordering a custom product, we create a digital proof and email it to you as a PDF to show the layout and design for your tags. There is no charge for this service.

IMPORTANT: We require that you review and acknowledge the proof before production on your order begins.

If your proof needs revisions, please return the PDF with all changes noted. The standard revision time is 24 hours. While we do put a hold on funds, your credit card will not be charged until your proof has been approved.

The quality of your products is dependent upon the quality of the artwork submitted. For many products a vector file may be required. 

One of our designers will review your artwork and advise you if adjustments are required for the process you have selected. Additional charges may apply if changes to your artwork are necessary.

Vector art is the preferred format for all engraved products; however, a high-quality bitmapped image may be acceptable for full color products.

Vector Files: Illustrator (.ai), CorelDRAW (.cdr), PostScript (.eps)

Bitmap (Raster) Files: Image Files (.jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp), Photo-Paint (.ppt), Photoshop (.psd)

Image files that are embedded in a .doc or .pdf file may also be accepted if the embedded file is a vector file or high-quality bitmap file.

It is not possible to convert a low-quality image into a vector file simply by saving it in a vector format. When this is attempted, the low-quality image is simply embedded in the new file and no conversion takes place. 

It is not possible to change a low-quality image to a higher quality one simply by saving it with higher DPI settings. The image will have more dots per inch, but the quality will remain the same or even degrade further.

For your convenience, we offer an artwork clean-up/conversion process for $30 per image. You will be charged for this service even if an order is not completed. You may request the new file be sent to you upon payment of your order. Turnaround time is 24 hours and expedite is not available.

We are happy to review your art and will advise you of the best way to proceed. We have the ability to convert your art to a vector format or to create a high-quality art file. When you choose this service, your completed art file will be sent to you when your product goes to production so that you will have a copy of the logo for future uses. There is a $30.00 charge for this service, and it will add 24 hours to your proofing time.

Please note that it is not possible to engrave or print all logos, images, and colors.

We accept a variety of payment options. We accept all major card credits: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We will also consider accepting POs from governmental, educational, and non-profit entities and for reorders from previous customers.

We also accept checks. However, we reserve the right to hold the order until the check clears. Orders will not ship until Lightforce Design has received your mailed check. 

Prepayment is required for all first orders. Please pay by credit card unless you are willing to wait until we have received a cleared check payment. We do not start to manufacture or assemble your order until these funds have cleared.

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